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Relax your body, relax your heart.
More healthy, more active.
With advanced science and technology,
HOLZAC is designed to fit everyone.
HOLZAC is here to support you today,
and transform your tomorrow.
Designed Under the Supervision of Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Shunichi Yoshimatsu, Japan's Leading Authority in Sports Medicine

HOLZAC is the supportive gear brand that I developed in collaboration with TOSCOM. HOLZAC makes taping easy-to-wear. As I was supervising the development process, we took two things into consideration.

Targeted strong fixation,
no extra tightness

Support braces or sleeves that tighten around the entire joint have strong stablizing power, but they can also become problematic as they immobolize the joint, making it difficult to move our body. Support sleeves that are too tight can also inhibit blood flow. What a support sleeve should do is to apply compression only on the necessary areas. Taping (kinesiology tape) is excellent in this regard, but applying such technique by oneself every day is not easy as it requires special knowledge and techniques. With our silicone structure, HOLZAC is the supportive gear that makes taping easily wearable.

To design a comfortable-to-wear

A support sleeve made of fabric that is too tight or too loose will not be comfortable to wear in everyday life. It is also impractical if it is too troublesome to wear for the elderly or the busy ones. To solve these problems, we had patients trying the products and giving us feedbacks during the development. With these efforts, HOLZAC turned out to be an impressive product with effective taping functions.

整形外科医 吉松俊一先生

Who is Dr. Yoshimatsu?As an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Yoshimatsu is the pioneer who popularized sports medicine in Japan. He is the first ever team physician in the Japanese professional baseball world. Besides baseball, he has also held a number of positions in the sports industry to contribute to the development of sports. In addition, he has devoted his life managing baseball leagues and competed as a player. At over 80 years old, he is still conducting researches on baseball training theories. He also appears in many magazines and TV shows.

Made in Japan

HOLZAC is a support gear brand developed and produced at our own factory in Nagano Prefecture, a prefecture famous for long life expectancy. Our high quality products are made with craftsmanship. We inspect each and every item to make sure we supply safe products that have passed our strict inspection standards.

Intertionally patented 3D Silicone Taping Structure

Taping is an effective method that helps support joint and muscle function and prevent injury by applying special adhesive or elastic tape (kinesiology tape) around joints.
How does taping help? Taping can 1) limit the range of motion of the joint, 2) prevent aggravation of the injured area and reinjury, 3) reduce pain by compressing the target area, 4) alleviate anxiety about injury and pain, etc.
However, taping has disadvantages. It requires specialized knowledge, periodic reapplication. In some cases, improper taping might even make the injury worse. These can make it difficult for individuals to tape properly.
In addition, many support sleeves have the following problems in general: they compress more than necessary, or the fabric is too thick to use in daily life. To solve these problems, we developed a new concept of 3D silicone taping structure that uses silicone to simulate taping.
The main feature of HOLZAC is the silicone structure that applies compression only on the targeted areas around the joint.
Our support sleeves with our 3D silicone taping structure are patented in Japan, USA and China.
*Patent acquisition status varies by product.


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