Double support for your
thumb and wrist

Our hands and wrists are made up of many bones, large and small. It is these bones and the supporting muscles and tendons that allow us to perform various complex movements. As a result, these joints are also prone to inflammation due to excessive fatigue during daily life and sports activities. Recently, more and more people are suffering from tendonitis due to overuse of their hands and fingers, such as using smartphones, computers, playing video games, taking care of kids, and doing farm work. HOLZAC can help stabilize the joints to reduce strains. By providing double support for the thumb that moves in a particularly complex manner, and the wrist, which supports the thumb, HOLZAC stabilizes joint movements, making it easier for our hands.


  • International patent pending
    3D Silicone Taping Support

  • Strong fixation with targeted support

  • Easy to wear
    Easy to move

  • Easy and wearable taping

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-odor

  • Quick dry fabric

International patent pending
3D Silicone Taping Support


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